“Allonsy!” -The Doctor

Let’s go! 

Discovering Serenity is revamped and fully live.  It’s much simpler (for the time being), and I’m quite proud of its evolution.

My first set of posts, I am going to go over some of those fancy skills I’ve been talking about (which I learned at Sheppard Pratt).  But first…an update!

I’m finally back into the swing-of-things with therapy.  The adjustment back to working with K. (our therapist), has been long and difficult.  Trust has waxed and waned.  I’ve been highly self-critical when I find myself unable to open up/trust her.

“Nel,” K. said at our last session, “Go a little easier on yourself.  Returning to therapy has been hard, and rightfully so.”

I cringe a bit, not even wanting her to allude to the fact that her abrupt leaving was detrimental.  K. has always been so supportive and unconditionally believing in me, I hate to think anything negative about her.  Then she says…

“After all, it’s been a whole year.  We’re starting over.”

Starting over.  I hadn’t thought of it that way.  But–thinking this as starting over gave the whole scenario another voice.  It silenced the inner-critic and allowed me to internalize the turn of the page to a new chapter.

Thus, how fitting it is that life has pulled me to this decision to revamp my blog.

Starting over, starting anew, one door closes and you open a window, however you want to look at it…let’s go!