Just a Crisis Continuum Check

Not an update, just me jotting stuff down.

I took today to mostly disconnect from present-day triggers. Watched 1776. Played Dragon Quest XI. Spent time with the pupper.

Tonight I’m Level 2 (Having some trouble but in control). Going to work on some Dial Down methods and Grounding.

Update: Monday, July 11, 2022

Shot up to a Level 4 today temporarily. My husband and I were talking about ways to improve communication around meal plans and grocery shopping. It was an emotionally charged conversation, because the husband has been feeling very stressed about wasting food. It was difficult to stay grounded because food is a trigger for younger parts who were unable to eat when they were hungry. Simply the topic of food in addition the conversation being heightened was enough to spill us over to Level 4. We were overwhelmed, hopeless, and helpless. I experienced a racing heartbeat. I was stuck and just desiring the situation to stop. I was able to verbalize I needed to do a Past v. Present. I didn’t try to stop myself from crying, although it was all very emotionally painful. The husband was responsive, gave us a long hug, and reassured he was not angry or unhappy with me in any way. We’re back down to a Level 2 now.

Update: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

I didn’t get an opportunity to actually do a crisis continuum last night because I was dealing with a bit of a crisis. Husband had an accident and needed to go to the ED for stitches. He was cleaning up the bathroom and picked up what he thought was trash, when it was actually a sharp. Thankfully it wasn’t anything too serious, although he feels horrible. His injury was to a finger. He’s in the computer software field sooooo…it’s bumming him out.

We were supposed to go have date night last night. He feels bad about “ruining” the date night. The doc at the ED had to remind him “ruining” the date night would be sabotaging going to dinner, as opposed to trying to help out and clean the bathroom. Nice doc. He really cared about our situation.

I’d probably place myself at a 3 on my Crisis Continuum today. But it’s largely because of the left over present-day stress and lack of sleep (because we were at the ED so late). It’s not really something I think I should call K. over. Hmmmm…or should I?



      1. New York abstains — courteously!

        Why can’t New York stay in New York?

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